Foundation Leak Detection & Repair Services

Slab Leaks Plus is the premier slab leak repair company in Garden Grove. If you are experiencing symptoms of a foundation leak, such as hot spots on the floor or your water meter continues to run, call us now to get the leak detection & repair service you need today!

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As houses get older throughout Orange County, and specifically in Garden Grove, the plumbing in these homes are susceptible to bursting. A slab leak (also called a foundation leak) is a burst or leaking pipe underneath your home’s concrete slab. These kinds of leaks can go unnoticed for some time and can cause substantial damage to your home’s floors and walls. We use electronic leak detection equipment to precisely pin point the leak and map out your entire plumbing system. This allows us to identify the leaking pipe and connecting pipes to develop the best repair solution based on your situation.

Expertise and Service That Cannot Be Beat

We have over 3 decades of experience repairing slab leaks and our customer service cannot be matched. We are the experts in foundation leak detection and repair service in Garden Grove and throughout Orange County. Slab Leaks Plus, Inc is locally owned and operated and Orange County is our home. We will treat you like a neighbor and care for your home like it was our own.

Contact us and speak with one of our team members immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect with one of our slab leak detection specialists to schedule slab leak detection & repair service in Garden Grove today!

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