Leak Detection & Repair Services

Leaks can cause severe damage to your home and be extremely costly if not caught and repaired quickly. Water can viciously wear away at the foundation, walls and flooring of your home. You need to contact the experts at leak detection in San Juan Capistrano, Slab Leaks Plus Inc., for prompt assistance at stopping and repairing aggressive leaks. We specialize in detecting leaks in foundations, or “slabs”, and helping you deal with the head ache from the fall out.

leak detection san juan capistrano

There are many possible causes for a concrete slab leak in your foundation such as low-quality workmanship, the shifting of your foundation or home or eroding, rusting or old pipes. Our specialists can pinpoint the problem, discover the cause and the best possible ways of repairing the issue.

Our highly skilled team uses electronic technology for leak detection in San Juan Capistrano and the neighboring areas. We want the experience to be as efficient and pain free for you, so you have to deal with this disruption as little as possible. Don’t make the mistake of calling less experienced and skilled leak detection technicians, let the experts with the knowledge, experience and correct equipment at Slab Leaks Plus provide you with the help and service you deserve.

When we address your concrete slab leak, we will locate it with our state of the art electronic equipment and give you a plumber’s report, that will be required if you open a claim with your home owner’s insurance or home warranty company.

Contact the experts at leak detection in San Juan Capistrano, Slab Leaks Plus Inc., today at (949) 600-9777. We are prepared to assist you 24 hours a day with slab leak detection and repair. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to dealing with a leak, the potential damage to your home is too much to risk!

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