Water Leak in a Slab Foundation?

A water leak in a slab foundation can be an urgent problem. We’ll come right out, locate your leak and discuss options for repairing the pipe. Call Slab Leaks Plus Inc. today for leak detection in Laguna Hills and the neighboring area!

Slab Leaks and pin hole leaks have become a big problem in Laguna Hills and the surrounding area due to the abundance of hard water and cheap copper pipes in homes. Due to this, our services for leak detection in Laguna Hills are continual and we have repaired and rerouted thousands of pipes in the area. If you suspect a water leak in a slab foundation, please give Slab Leaks Plus a call right away. You will speak with one of our expert technicians that can assist you at diagnosing your problem and give you step by step instructions on what to do until we arrive.

Common symptoms of a leak include noticeable water damage, hot spots in the floor, banging and noisy pipes, or even just a higher than normal water bill. If you suspect you need leak detection in Laguna Hills, the first thing we’ll do upon arrival is utilize our ultra-sonic sound and line location equipment to find your leak as quickly as possible. Once we’ve located your leak, we’ll discuss with you what your options are for the best way to repair the plumbing issue. As is the case with most leaks in the wall, we can easily repair the copper pipe, however, when it’s a water leak in a slab foundation, we usually reroute the pipe overhead using type A PEX or type L copper. The ‘plus’ side to Slab Leaks Plus Inc. is that we can assist you with any water damage or repairs needed to restore your home to pre-loss condition and we’ll work with your insurance companies to remove the headache you might normally deal with.

Don’t wait to call Slab Leaks Plus Inc. with any needs for water damage repairs or slab leak detection in Laguna Hills or the neighboring area. Contact our team today at (949) 600-9777!

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