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When you have an underground water leak coming from your concrete slab you need immediate action. Our team of slab leak specialists will identify where the leak is coming from and determine the best solution to repair the leak.

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Fountain Valley Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leaks Plus, Inc uses electronic leak detection equipment to locate leaking pipes underneath concrete slabs or walls. Accurate leak detection is vital when dealing with a slab leak. After identifying where the leak is coming from can we determine the best course of action to repair the water leak. Our philosophy is to find the least invasive and most cost-effective slab leak repair solution. Based on the specific location of the broken pipe and the layout of your home’s plumbing play a role on how a slab leak is repaired. We will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have, so you can feel confident in the repair service & solution chosen.

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Slab Leaks Plus, Inc has been in the plumbing and slab leak repair industry for over 30 years. Founder Scott Nelson started his business to provide honest and reliable leak detection at honest prices. Locally-owned and operated, we care about our community and treat our customers as neighbors.

Our team is available 24 hours / 7 days week…day or night. When you have a slab leak, you can trust the experts at Slab Leaks Plus to do the job right. Call us today.

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