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Water leaks seem to follow Murphy’s law that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible time. Whether you wake up to a flooded garage or notice hot spots on your kitchen floor, water leaks are never a welcomed sight. If you have a broken or leaking pipe or are experiencing symptoms of a slab leak under your home, contact the water leak specialists at Slab Leaks Plus today!

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Quality Water Leak Repair Services in Monarch Beach

At Slab Leaks Plus, our promise is to provide high quality leak detection and slab leak repair service at fair prices. We understand how difficult it is and how vulnerable a homeowner may feel while going through a severe water leak and not knowing who to trust. Our professional and courteous technicians will answer all your questions and be fully transparent during the service call. We use the latest in leak detection equipment and use non-invasive water leak repair options whenever possible. We treat every home we enter as if it was our own and treat our customers with respect and dignity. Call us today for a free estimate and learn what makes us different.

Dana Point Leak Detection Experts

Slab Leaks Plus has been serving southern Orange County for over 30 years. Save money and time and work with the best slab leak company available in Dana Point.

We Offer A Variety Of Water Leak Repair Services

  • 24/7 Water Leak Emergency Services
  • Slab Leak Detection and Repair
  • Water Line Repair Replacement
  • Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup
  • Backflow Testing
  • Repipe & Pipe Lining

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