Foundation Leak Repair Services

What are slab leaks? When pipes crack or break under a concrete foundation, or a ‘slab’, and leak water. This is a common occurrence in older homes in Huntington Beach, CA.

It is important to react quickly and hire experts like the team at Slab Leaks Plus Inc to ensure you have the best slab leak detection in Huntington Beach. The structure of your property is at jeopardy with these types of leaks, so early detection and repair is imperative. Contact Slab Leaks Plus today at (949) 600-9777 if you suspect you need detection and foundation leak repair!

The plumbing and piping systems in older houses typically have a lot of wear and tear, especially those homes over 30 years old. These houses are at greater risk of developing slab leaks. These leaks can cause costly water damage to your home, so the faster these are caught and repaired the better.

The highly-skilled team at Slab Leaks Plus Inc. are able to assist you 24 hours a day with slab leak detection in Huntington Beach and all over Southern Orange County. The plumbing and piping system in the home is not something most people think about until they have a problem. If you feel that you may have one of these costly leaks, please contact us immediately. You will be connected to one of our expert staff who is able to answer most of your questions over the phone.

The skill and professional service at Slab Leaks Plus, the specialists at slab leak detection in Huntington Beach, is excellent and top of the line. We’ll quickly find your slab leak, evaluate the best way to attack the problem and then discuss the options for foundation leak repair with you. Our team can also facilitate the water damage restoration, so you don’t have to.

Contact Slab Leaks Plus today and speak with one of our expert team members to help identify, locate and repair your foundation leak. Don’t hesitate on a leak like this, let us help you today.

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