Slab Leak Detection and Much More!

Due to the claylike soil in Irvine, California, many homes are built on concrete slabs. When you have a leak underneath this slab, things can get serious quickly. Make sure you call the experts at leak detection in Irvine, Slab Leaks Plus. Damages from this type of leak can cause costly damages to your home faster than you might expect. If you suspect that you are having this kind of problem, call us right away at (949) 600-9777.

The concrete foundation, or “slab”, provides a strong support for your home and offers stability and strength. Water lines usually run below these slabs and detecting them can be quite difficult. You’ll want to contact professional slab leak technicians to locate your water leak quickly. That is where the highly-skilled team at Slab Leaks Plus come in. Scott Nelson and partner Ryan Studebaker have been providing leak detection in Irvine and the surrounding area for over 37 years. Don’t trust your home to companies that don’t have the experience and know-how like we do.

Once we locate your slab leak, we assess the best way to fix the problem and go over the possible options with you. We can take charge of the water damage restoration, so you don’t have to deal with the headache.

The experience and service from Slab Leaks Plus, the experts at leak detection in Irvine, can’t be matched by other companies in the area. When you have a problem, we will be there to help you detect and repair the problem. Our team has repaired and rerouted thousands of pipes in the area.

Contact us today to speak with one of our team to help diagnose, locate and repair your slab leak. Don’t wait when it comes to these types of leaks, let the experts at Slab Leaks Plus fix your problem.