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Many homes in Lake Forest, CA are constructed on concrete slabs. Often a leak occurs under this slab and complications can arise faster than you might expect. To ensure you have professional detection and slab leak repair in Lake Forest, call the experts at Slab Leaks Plus. Problems caused from this kind of leak can be very expensive and can cause serious damage to your home. If you think you are in need of under slab leak detection, or any type of leak detection, contact us right away at (949) 600-9777.

A concrete foundation, or “slab”, provides sturdy and robust support for your home, offering strength and stability. Water lines typically run underneath these slabs and correctly detecting them can be very problematic for the inexperienced technicians. You’ll want to contact expert and experienced slab leak specialists to locate your water leak quickly. That is where Slab Leaks Plus’s highly-skilled team comes in. For over 37 years, Scott Nelson and partner Ryan Studebaker have provided slab leak repair in Lake Forest and Orange County. The urgency of detecting your leak accurately is something to be serious about and choosing the right team to help you speedily is a must.

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Slab Leaks Plus will quickly locate your leak, then evaluate the best way to address the problem. Once we have the options figured out, we’ll discuss the possible repair options with you. So you don’t have to deal with the headache, we can facilitate the water damage restoration for you.

The service, skill and experience at Slab Leaks Plus, the experts at slab leak repair in Lake Forest, is incomparable. When you have a problem, we’ll be there to assist you by detecting and repairing the leak. Our professional team has repaired and rerouted thousands of pipes in the area.

Call us today to speak with one of our specialist to help identify, locate and repair your slab leak. Don’t delay when it comes to addressing this kind of leak, let the experts at Slab Leaks Plus assist you today.

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