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Do you have a water leak coming from your home’s foundation? If so, you probably have a slab leak, a broken or leaking pipe underneath your home’s concrete slab. Call the leak specialists at Slab Leaks Plus, Inc. for fast, same day slab leak repair service in Seal Beach, CA.

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If you have an underground water leak you will probably notice hots spots on your floor or wet spots on your carpet. Another common sign of a slab leak is a spike in your water bill. In order to precisely locate and repair the broken water line, our leak specialists use electronic leak detector equipment.

Once we have identified where the water leak is coming from, our slab leak expert will explain the best solution to fix the leaking pipe. The two main types of slab leak repair options are direct access and rerouting. We will always recommend the least invasive approach of rerouting over direct access as to preserve your home’s flooring and provide you with the most cost-effective slab leak repair option. In most cases, we will cap off the broken pipe and reroute a new flexible water line through the walls and ceiling. At Slab Leaks Plus, our mission is to provide honest, reliable service and treat each home as if it was our own. If you are looking for slab leak specialists in Seal Beach, contact the professionals at Slab Leaks Plus, Inc that have been serving Orange County for over 3 decades!

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