Yorba Linda Leak Detection

Foundation (or slab) leaks can cause severe problems for your house and be extremely expensive if not found and fixed as quickly as possible. Our leak detection technicians here at Slab Leaks Plus have over 35 user of industry experience and use specialized equipment to track and fix your slab leak.

If you’re looking for slab leak repair in Yorba Linda, CA., look no further! Call our experts at (949) 600-9777 if you are experiencing any of the following signs:

  • An oddly high water bill
  • Hot spots on your floor or on your carpet
  • Water seeping out of the interior/exterior walls of your home
  • Discoloration of walls, or floors
  • The sound of running water (even if you’ve turned everything off)
  • The sound of water running when nothing is on

We Provide Slab Leak Repair Services in Yorba Linda 

Once a slab leak has been detected, our experienced slab leak specialist will work with you to solve the problem, and repair what’s been damaged. There are two main slab leak repair options that we perform: 

  • The first option, which is recommended by Slab Leaks Plus Inc., is to reroute the broken pipe. This involves bypassing the leaking line altogether, as we cap off and abandon the old pipe; then install a new, flexible pipe. By doing with we are able to save you both time and money, providing you the most cost-effective solution to a slab leak repair in Yorba Linda.
  • The other option is a direct access repair. In a direct access repair, we cut through the concrete in order to directly access and repair the leak. While this sounds like a simple fix, this option is both laborious, and usually not recommended because of post-tension concrete slabs, foundation shifts and the fact that the same pipe may spring another leak.

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